Past Events

Past events include events from BPP, PCSA’s former club name.

2019W (2019-2020)

BPP research night was an event aimed at providing information and connections for individuals interested in becoming involved in scientific research. We heard from students from CAPS and pharmacology involved at research at UBC who outlined their experience in research while providing tips for obtaining undergraduate research positions. Students then heard from Dr. Ed Conway, director of the Centre for Blood Research, who gave a presentation on the CBR Summer Studentship; an opportunity for blood research.

Following presentations graduate researchers working in fields related to biochemistry, pharmacology, and physiology set up posters and students were invited to ask questions about their work and any available opportunities.

Specialization Info Night was held to inform prospective students about the majors of biochemistry, pharmacology, and CAPS. Students heard from Dr. Warren Williams, Dr. Andrew Horne, and upper-year student Ho-young Jung from biochemistry, pharmacology and CAPS respectively. The presentations focused on the experiences and opportunities provided by each program.

Following these presentations we heard from Rishab, a former biochemistry student, gave his experience with the program.

The evening concluded with a panel comprised of current students from biochemistry, pharmacology, and CAPS who answered questions from interested students.