For prospective students, here’s a list of the core courses you’ll have to take as a 3rd and 4th year pharmacology major and what you’ll learn (from a pharmacology student’s perspective).


Third Year:

PCTH 300 (full year) – This course is a combination of physiology, pathology, biochemistry and learning about drugs. You’ll go through some systems (ex: drugs affecting the nervous system), but mostly drug classes (ex: chemotherapy, cannabanoids, anaesthetics) and diseases/disease treatment (ex: of epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease).

PCTH 302 (full year) – This is the lab course that pairs with PCTH 300. Through hands-on investigations of topics ranging from anaesthesia to cardiac drugs as well as debates on contemporary medical issues, you’ll get the chance to practice the things you learn in class.

CAPS 301 (full year) – This course serves as a comprehensive introduction to the systems in the human body (nervous, blood, muscle, cardiac, respiratory, renal, GI, endocrine, reproductive).

BIOC 301 (full year) – This class trains your lab skills. You will get a solid hands-on introduction to a lot of molecular biology techniques (ex: PCR, gel electrophoresis) while performing a large year-long experiment.

BIOC 302 (summer, WT1, or WT2) – BIOC 302 covers a bunch of pathways and molecules involved in lipid, protein, and nucleic acid metabolism.


Fourth Year:

PCTH 400 (full year) – A continuation of PCTH 300 from third year, except focused more on systems. You’ll have large units on topics like respiratory, nervous system, and cardiovascular pharmacology with other interesting things sprinkled in like clinical pharmacology, pharmacoepidemiology, and more anaesthesia.

PCTH 404 (full year) – A course with more math topics in which you learn some statistical methods as they apply to pharmacology.


For more information on the courses for the pharmacology program as well as other degree paths, check out the pharmacology calendar website.

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