The Application Process

If you are interested in applying for the Pharmacology program, this page outlines the steps that you should be taking in your first and second year.

First Year

Near the end of your first year, schedule an interview with Dr. Karim by emailing Wynne Leung. This interview is relaxed and informal, so no need to stress about it. In June, when it’s time to rank your majors, select Pharmacology.

Second Year

If you got placed into pharmacology, congratulations! However, you won’t officially be in the program until the department extends a letter of acceptance after your second year. If you didn’t get placed into pharmacology and you still want to get in, don’t panic! If you can bring your average up over second year, you will still have a chance.

If you did get in, schedule an interview with Dr. Karim at the end of term 2.

If you didn’t get in but are able to boost your average enough during second year, schedule an appointment with Dr. Karim at the end of the year and you may have a shot at transferring into pharmacology.

If you got in, it’s time to celebrate! If you haven’t already received an acceptance letter, set up one last appointment with Dr. Karim in May to pick it up.

(Note: your individual path may vary slightly)

Good Luck!