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BPP is committed to informing students about the disciplines of Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Physiology, all of which are the fundamental basis of medicine.

CAPS 301 Final









Wed & Fri from 11 am – 12 pm

Woodward Library
(outside lecture hall 2)

Evenings from 3 pm – 5 or 6 pm 

BPP Club Office, Room 3302H in the Nest.

Getting ready for your CAPS 301 exam? Come get extra practice with our practice problem pack! Reviewed by past and current students from CAPS 301. These packages will be on sale for $12 and cover spring material! (Members only pay $6)

We will be selling outside the class lecture hall on Wednesday and Friday of the last week of classes (during regular class time, due to classes being cancelled).

You will also be able to buy the practice problems during the evenings from
3 pm – 6 pm from room 3302H in the AMS Nest! We’ll be there on April 4 – 6, and on April 10th!

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The 2018/19 Team

Thank you to everyone who participated in our elections!

The 2017/18 Team

The ones who make it all happen.

Igor Sljivic


Favourite cell: α-motor neuron

Rishab Gupta

Biochemistry Rep

Favourite cell: Alcatraz

Michael Gong


Favourite cell: Ostrich Egg

Jessica Jiang

Social Coordinator

Favourite cell: Purkinje Fiber Cell

Jenny Lee

Conference/Events Coordinator

Favourite cell: Tenocyte

April Tian

VP Events

Favourite cell: Astrocyte

Nafeel Ahmed

VP Academic

Favourite cell: Podocyte

Sena Youn


Favourite cell: Erythrocyte

Maya Koblanski

Junior Events Coordinator

Favourite cell: HeLa cell

Mo Saffarzadeh

General Executive

Favourite cell: Schwann cell

Melissa Liu

General Executive

Favourite cell: Cartwheel cell

Aman Sharma

General Executive

Favourite cell: Dopaminergic Neuron

Janelle Cheung

General Executive

Favourite cell: Hepatocyte

Lara Winkless

Second Year Rep

Favourite cell: Goblet Cell

Vince Bacarac

First Year Rep

Favourite cell: Follicular cells

Luigi Alde

First Year Rep

Favourite cell: Oligodendrocyte

Adam Mesa

Communications Director

Favourite cell: Tregulatory cell


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